Everyone would like to add value to their property, whether it is your home or business premises. We at Ricky Jenner Plumbing Roofing & Guttering know that and so have compiled a list of surprising ways roof restoration increases the value of your Ballina property. Because we are a local firm who have been working on roof restoration in Ballina for over 18 years, we know what we are talking about. We are metal roofing specialists that use only the best brands, in accordance with your budget. 

The Health of Your Building

Roofs are not something homeowners or business property owners think about or even look at until there is a problem, but a roof is vital in protecting your valuable furnishings or equipment. We have seen what water damage can do. A fully functioning roof adds value to your residence or workplace in the sense that it relates to the overall health of the structure.

Reasons for a New Roof

Any property with a roof that is over 10 years old, may well benefit from a replacement. The reasons for this are better protection from the elements, better insulation and better energy efficiency. Newer, more high-tech materials offer greater protection against extremes of heat and cold. They are more tightly sealed against rain runoff than old type roofs. The guttering systems are more efficient. New metal roofs reflect sunlight off your roof instead of absorbing it. A new roof will also ensure lower heating or air conditioning bills.

Property Inspections

If you wish to put your property on the market one of the first steps is an appraisal or valuation. One of the first things inspected is the roof, so, roof integrity is important when selling your house. If you have a dodgy roof, it will lead to greater costs for the buyer. That in turn will relegate your property to the second rank for potential purchasers. It will take longer to sell and attract lower offers. Buyers are wary of properties in which they have to invest after moving in, so it makes sense to invest in a new roof beforehand.

Increased Property Value

Surveys taken by remodelling organisations have claimed that a new roof can add over $10,000 to the value of your property, whether home or business. Because of the increased value, over 60% of new roof installation costs can be recouped.

Call your Local Experts

If you aren’t interested in selling your property and are looking for a long-term value investment, a new roof is the way to go. New roofing materials on the market today come with all sorts of benefits. There are many different styles and colours to choose from. We can customise the roof to your tastes and even add ‘curb appeal’, to the envy of your neighbours.

At Ricky Jenner Plumbing Roofing & Guttering, we not only install new roofs, but also design, repair and maintain them as other aspects of our all-around service. We take roof restoration in Ballina very seriously and on call 24/7 for those dreaded emergencies, so call us for a quote or information on any of our other services.